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TMI Climate Solutions

200 Quality Way Holly, MI 48442 Tel: 810-694-5763

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TMI Climate Solutions Inc. understands the HVAC needs of healthcare and laboratory environments across the ...

Air Filtration Management, Inc.

P. O. Box 269 Bethlehem, PA 18016 Tel: 610-867-3869

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Let Air Filtration Management Optimize All of Your Cleanroom, Laminar Flow & HEPA Filtered Equipment Performance with AFM A worldwide, INDEPENDENT, ...


9825 Widmer Road Lenexa, KS 66215 Tel: 913-789-9590

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Air Filtration Systems | Infection Control | HEPACART™

HEPACART™ Air Filtration systems are the leaders in clean air infection control. Efficiently designed to collect and filter out dust and airborne pathogens.

Hospital Patient Protection | Air Filtration | HEPACART™

... members alike, HEPACART™ was developed to handle construction, air filtration, minimize airborne particles, and protect patients from infections. ...

About Us | Dust Containment Systems | HEPACART™

... products designed for environmental control, dust containment and air filtration systems used in patient care and cleanroom facilities ... to take advantage of special pricing and terms air filtration, dust containment and infection control products. Today, HEPACART™ ...

AnteRoom For Hospitals

HEPACART™ supplies a line of specialized air filtration systems designed to filter out dust and airborne pathogens in AnteRoom Hospital environments. ... side of the enclosure, the HEPACART™ AnteRoom provides air filtration, dust collection and infection control. On most Infection ...

OmniAire Negative Air Machines| 1000V HEPA & 2000 VMED | HEPACART™

... Air Machines (HEPA-Filtered) Hospital Grade OmniAire HEPA Air Filtration Systems are used as air scrubbers and negative air machines on all types ...

The HEPACART Blog | dust containment

... and Facility Management. dust containment HEPA vs. ULPA Air Filtration [CHART] Posted by HEPACART on Jun 6, 2017 ...


... read/write comments dust containment HEPA vs. ULPA Air Filtration [CHART] Posted by HEPACART on Jun 6, 2017 ...

In the News | Articles About HEPACART™ Systems

... and airborne pathogen containment systems. The leader in air filtration.

Room Isolation | Hepacart | AnteRoom | Infection Control | Air Filtration

As a room isolation module, the HEPACART™ AnteRoom helps patient care facilities implement infection control guidelines. ... Request A Quote +913.789.9590 I ...

Our Certifications | HEPA-Filtration | HEPACART™

Each HEPACART™ product equiped with a negative air Hepa-Filtration system is Certified as a unit following an on-site Controlled Environment Performance Test.

The HEPACART Blog | negative air machines

negative air machines | HEPACART Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration

Hepacart | Infection Control | Dust Containment Systems

... the spread of infection. Safety HEPACART™ certifies each filtration unit specifically for HEPA air quality and air flow to ensure superior safety. ...

Dust Buggy | Dust Containment Cart | HEPACART™

... allows you to hook up your own Negative Air Machine should you need to connect your own (the NAM is not included). Note that while filtration is not standard on any model, we can ...

FAQs | Find Answers to your Questions | Hepacart™

... be equipped with a connection to exhaust filtered air away from the work area (Option EA). Option "E" for electrical and "N" for NAM is required for filtration for all custom HEPACART™ orders. Does HEPACART have ...

Does Your Healthcare Facility Need HEPA Filtration Vacuums?

... a standard commercial vacuum because it utilizes HEPA filtration . A HEPA vacuum sucks up dirt and dust like a standard vacuum, but the air that it exhausts first passes through a HEPA ...

The HEPACART Blog | containment

... arsenal. Without the ability to create a negative air pressure environment, it ... HEPA Filtration Options for Healthcare Prospects Posted by HEPACART on ...

AnteRoom vs. Dust Containment Cart

... ensuring that particles must pass through a HEPA filtration system before being released into the common areas surrounding the cart. Some carts, such as those from HEPACART ™ , do come with embedded negative air machines for added security. Uses for a Dust ...

The HEPACART Blog | dust buggy

... Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration

The HEPACART Blog | Infection Control

... Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration

HEPACART™ Products | Cabling Access Point | SturdyMount | AnteRoom | Dust Buggy

... Models can be used for dust containment and filtration in a variety of applications ... negative air machine. Learn More SturdyMount The Sturdy Mount is ...


... Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration ... Comments Click here to read/write comments negative air machines How to Use a Negative Air Machine ...

The HEPACART Blog | dust containment

... Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration ... here to read/write comments dust containment Outdoor Air Pollution vs. Indoor Hospital Air Quality Posted by ...

Additional Resources | White Papers | HEPACART™

... top containment models from reputable companies, safety features, filtration capabilities for HEPACART™ containment systems and more. Learn ... are three basic standards recommended to clean the air during a construction or renovation project . Download Now ...

The HEPACART Blog | ceiling access

... Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration ... necessary to maintain sterile environments to replacing HEPA air filters and updating ventilation systems;... Keep Reading 0 ...


... Tools for Infection Control, Dust Containment and HEPA-Filtration ... critical part of infection control . Dirty surfaces, contaminated air and even water that has not been properly ...

Cabling Access Point | Ceiling Access Point | HEPACART™

... in healthcare, cleanroom and other facilities with sensitive filtration systems ... in the ceiling with minimal impact on clean air environments found in data centers, pharmaceutical labs, food ...

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HEPACART™ Air Filtration systems are the leaders in clean air infection control. Efficiently designed to collect and filter out dust and airborne pathogens.

MedAir Inc.

P.O. Box 635 East Bridgewater, MA 02333 Tel: 508-823-7780

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MedAir, Inc. has become the industry leader in serving the air quality needs of healthcare ...


6304 Thompson Road Syracuse, NY 13221 Tel: 407-497-1035

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Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier is the world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. ...


7400 College Blvd. Suite 150 Overland Park, KS 66210 Tel: 913-951-8311

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M.E. GROUP is a consulting engineering firm that exists for the purpose of Improving Life ...


9191 South Jamaica Street Englewood, CO 80112 Tel: 888-242-6445

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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality As a reflection of our culture and a statement of ...

Comfort First Products

1809 Carnegie Avenue Santa Ana, CA 92705 714-550-4971

Vanguard Resources, Inc.

6500 Highway 281 North Spring Branch, TX 78070 Tel: 210-495-1950

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Vanguard Resources apply the technical and managerial expertise to provide safe, effective and economical healthcare ...

Aircuity, Inc.

55 Chapel St Newton, MA 02458 Tel: 617-641-8800

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Creating a Measurably Better Environment Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is critically important as hospitals and ...

Kontrol Kube by Fiberlock

150 Dascomb Road Andover, MA 01810 Tel: 800-342-3755

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Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine - HEPA

... Cleaning Ability Portable, Lightweight & Powerful HEPA Filtered Negative Air Machine True one pass filtration makes the Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine a ...

Compliance, Recommendations and Joint Commission Standards

... combination of environmental controls that include 1) HEPA filtration of incoming air; 2) directed room air flow; 3) positive room ...

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Kontrol Kube by Fiberlock provides the healthcare industry with state-of-the-art mobilized containment units designed to ...