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CATHRYN BANG + PARTNERS Architecture, Planning, Interiors

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Contact: Thought-Knowledge Leadership, Concentrated Expertise and Value-Added Excellence. Headquarters in New York with Offices in Los Angeles, London, Riyadh, Dubai, Seoul.
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New York, NY 10019
Highly regarded as international leaders and specialists in the planning and design of healthcare architecture, and continually ranked among the TOP 10 ARCHITECTURAL FIRMS in the United States in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Modern Healthcare, Cathryn Bang + Partners bring a wealth of experience from within the USA as well as internationally.

Planning-Design Excellence expanded by Progressive leadership and expertise in the planning and design of modern healthcare architecture and research-based medical campus, Cathryn Bang + Partners offer vast 'thought' knowledge, experience and skills in creating innovative planning and designs to improve patient care, accomodate rapid changes in technology, develop healing environments and focus on medical innovations able to adapt to 21st century advances in medicine; and further patient care, teaching, science and research missions, while assuring that the tremendous potential created by the integration of the clinical and research facilities with the adjacent training and research resources is fully realized.

Cathryn Bang + Partners' progressive planning and architecture marked by a sustainable innovations that has given a reputation as a leading healthcare expert architecture and planning firm with great creativity, imagination and immense professional rigor - bringinig superb technical expertise to plan and design functional, integrated care facilities with a style conducive to all users - patients, families and staff; instrumental in improving critical capacity issues that advance patient care through family-friendly rooms, improved privacy and greater comfort.

The Firm's planning-design excellence and its very best ability to create uplifting spaces for users, as well as for its distinctive excitement-and-pride generating response to community, creating modernized healthcare facilities, with focus on new medical innovations and latest medical equipment technology that greatly benefit and ultimately improve the quality of patient care and contribute to sustainable patterns of operations & enterprise performance improvement.

..... This permits us to both benchmark planning and design of new facilities against notable past experience and to understand the physical implications of trends affecting the healthcare field: Latest Medical Technology offering, new Medical Innovations-Focused, Evidence-Based Design, Digital Hospital Design, Nanotechnology applied Green/Sustainable Design, Patient-Centric Design, Lean Operations, Customer Satisfaction, Staff Recruitment & Retention, Healing Environment, Environment of Care for Patient Safety and Infection Control.

..... We expand Excellence with Cost Intelligent solutions consist of Sophistication of Modern Design and Effectiveness of Advanced Medical Planning with Flexibility that is HEALING also good for Bottom Line.

...... Our smart integration of higher performance building services, new stream of inter-operative medical technologies, nano/micro technologies of building materials, multi-modality treatment protocols, interdisciplinary care model, and consolidated support areas for staff, patient, and visitors is central to the development of a successful clinical environment for Healthcare facilities.

...... Our exchange of ideas in Advances in Medical Practice have presented opportunities to create facilities that provide for deliveryof sophisticated care in a setting which is reflective of wellness, and everyday experience of the community it is serving, with increased efficiency.

...... With our progressive approach to the facility planning and design, there is a tremendous opportunity for us with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop the scenarios of optimal settings in facilities required by 'Practice Reinventions' and 'Service Innovations'.

...... We strive to harness designs ability to empower users and transform healthcare institutions. We emphasize Innovation and the creation of real Value by providing New Best Practices knowledge and Advanced Standards across our Global Network of Teams to benefit our clients and projects.

...... We provide the creativity, imagination and expertise in conjunction with the International Hospital Planning and Technical Standards, the Joint Commission, and the AIA Guidelines to confirmthe Hospital as an International Standard Hospital Facility.

...... We emphasize our critical planning and design decisions with Evidence substantiating their beneficial outcomes both in Operations and Construction Costs.

...... Our Design strategically locate services and functionalareas according to their appropriate functions, so that cost efficiencies associated with technical building requirements can be realized;and that there is Maximum desired proximity and adjacency of services which need to co-exist and cross over operational disciplines.

...... Our Design adapt to continuous new developments in medical technology and patient care model without requiring substantial renovation, and they will be built to endure longer.

...... Our Design emphasize modular planning & standardization so that greater efficiency can be achieved in Space Planning, Operations, Staffing, and Future Use of the programmed space.

CATHRYN BANG + PARTNERS is internationally recognized and famed for Innovation, Creativity, Transformative THINK TANK and Thought-Knowledge Leaders who bring their Value-Added Excellence and Unique Expertise.

These leaders have been Instrumental in Solving Critical Workforce, Capacity and Revenue Cycle Issues; Achieving 'Enterprise-level' Savings and Continuity of Care/ Patient-Centered Care along the Continuum; and Tying 'Value-Based Purchasing'/ Clinical Outcomes with Business.

CATHRYN BANG + PARTNERS impact Clients by strengthening their capabilities through Quality/Productivity/Competitiveness; help them gain 'Technology-aided' Accelerated Excellence through Efficiency/Safety/Sustainability; and help them increase their Bottom-lines.

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