Lev-Lok® Modular Wiring Devices from Leviton

Lev-Lok® Modular Wiring Devices from Leviton from Leviton Manufacturing

201 North Service Road Melville, NY 11747

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Ease of installation and change out is critical in healthcare environments. Lev-Lok modular wiring devices can be installed or changed out much quicker and safer than conventional wiring devices.

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Leviton’s revolutionary Lev-Lok® Modular Wiring Device System speeds the installation of wiring devices from start to finish. At the rough-in stage, there is no need to make and install pigtails: simply install the Lev-Lok wiring module. When you’re ready to install the wiring devices, simply connect the wiring module to the device, tighten the mounting screws and you’re done.

The savings go on and on!
• No need to shut down power! Simply swap out devices whenever needed! *
• Change out is three times faster than conventionally wired devices
• No exposed wires for a safer installation
*Please be certain to ensure that the integrity of the wiring module in completely intact.

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