Environmental Safety Technologies

Environmental Safety Technologies

1815 Brownsboro Road Suite 200 Louisville, KY 40206

Company Profile
Pre-Construction Risk Assessments (PCRA)

•Perform or assist with PCRA prior to start of construction

Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA)

•Develop ICRA
•Train Infection Control Preventionist and hospital staff to perform ICRA
•Interpretation of ICRA Classification
•Develop guidelines for projects based on ICRA classification

Environmental Monitoring

•Sampling strategy for IAQ monitoring
•Collection of fungal air and surface samples
•Collection of airborne particle counts
•On-site walkthroughs of construction sites

Construction Training

•Infection Control training for staff
•Infection Control training for contractors and subcontractors

On-site Consulting

•Containment barrier placement and construction consulting
•Negative air consulting and confirmation
•Verification of HEPA filtration effectiveness
•Debris transport route design
•Certified Healthcare Contractor (CHC)

Indoor Air Quality

•Full service indoor environment risk assessments
•Fungal air and surface contaminates
•Bacterial air and surface contaminates
•Waterborne pathogens
•Chemical and odor issues
•Employee complaints


•Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
•Legionella risk assessments and decontamination recommendations
•Legionella bulk and surface analyses

Flood Services

•Flood and disaster planning
•On-site consulting and disaster team


•Thermal imaging
•Mitigation and remediation protocols

Other Services

•Pathogen monitoring and prevention programs
•Noise exposure
•Industrial hygiene services

Construction Guidelines

Environmental Safety Technologies adheres to the following guidelines to provide guidance in minimizing and/or preventing the transmission of pathogens in the indoor environment during construction related activities:

The Joint Commission (TJC)

•Hospital Accreditation Standards
•When planning demolition, construction, or renovation, the hospital uses risk criteria that address the impact of construction activities.
•Air quality requirements
•Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA)
•Utility requirements and emergency procedures
•Noise and vibration
•Interim life safety measures

The American Intitute of Architects (AIA)

•Guidelines for design and construction of healthcare facilities
•During the planning phase of a project, after carefully considering the facility’s patient population and programs, the owner shall provide an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA).


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