Acoustiblok Soundproofing Material

Acoustiblok Soundproofing Material from Acoustiblok

Company Profile
Acoustiblok is the name of both our company and our gFlagshiph product. This product is used as a sound isolation material. It is typically installed before walls, ceilings and floors have been completed, thereby enhancing the Transmission Loss (TL) of these standard assemblies.

Acoustiblok is a U.L. Classified (UL # CLBV.R21490), viscoelastic polymer that comes in two forms. The first is Blok16, a 1/8thh thick sheet with a weight of 1 pound per square foot. The second is Blok32, a 1/4 thick sheet with a weight of 2 pounds per square foot. Both are made from recycled plastics and non-toxic minerals that are mixed and pressed into a membrane sheet.

These sheets are then trimmed to a standard size of 54h wide x 30f long and rolled up for easy transportation. The rolls weigh roughly 135 pounds each at this size. You can also order longer rolls ranging from 60f long (at 270 lbs.), to 350f long (at 1,575 lbs.), should you have a project with a larger area in need of treatment.


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