102 Series Airflow Indicators

102 Series Airflow Indicators from Lamiflow Technologies, LLC

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LN-102F - Negative Airflow Indicator

LP-102F - Positive Airflow Indiactor
The Lamiflow 102 Series Airflow Indicators provide a safe, accurate, reliable and simple way to constantly monitor airflow for content sensitive environments. Our 102 series is a single room airflow indicator. They are UL approved with a two hour firewall safety rating. Every unit comes with fire stop protection preinstalled. These units do not require ANY calibration for life! Ever! Our graduated meter design provides a easy to see and easy to understand measurement for all staff members and your next inspection. They measure airflow from just below 5 fpm to above 400 fpm. Our unique flapper design is hyper-sensitive and will function in a wide range of airflow conditions. With a nearly zero percent failure rate we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects. The 102 series is engineered to run 24-7-365 to provide real time airflow measurement. Out of the box the L-102F will fit a 4.5" to 7" width wall. Custom lengths can be ordered for any wall dimension. They are extremely low maintenance only need to be dusted when dust buildup occurs. Lamiflow indicators are installed in over 1800 health care facilities so the technology is well proven and accepted. Everything Lamiflow Technologies produces is 100% designed and made in the USA
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